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Self Care During Quarantine

Dt. Alka Gangwani has come up with self care tips that everyone must follow during quarantine and lockdown.

1. Stick to regular bed time and wake up time.

2. Have balanced meal at regular time.

3. Keep hydrated, drink water throughout the day. It helps flushing toxins out of the body. Avoid aerated/ carbonated and sweetened drinks.

4. If you are working from home. Stick to set work hours.

5. Eat more real food and less processed food. Fruits are internal cleansers, they remove toxins from the body. Eat atleast 2-3 fruits/ day. Increase your fiber intake, eat more veggies, salads. They help in keeping body alkaline.

6. Exercise for 30 - 40 minutes everyday to boost your immunity. It helps to keep stress levels at bay. Stress contributes to inflammation in the body. Yoga, exercises, prayer and meditation makes you calm and lowers your stress levels.

7. Maintain good sleep cycle. Sleep for atleast 7-8 hours, body repairs and rejuvinates when you sleep well.

8. Indulge sometime in your hobby like cooking, reading, dance, music. Being creative generates happiness and reduces stress.

9. Connect with your friends and family. Isolate yourself but don't disconnect.

10 Diet to follow during lockdown.

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