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About Dt. Alka

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My Story

Dt .Alka Gangwani, founder of Nutri Wellbeing holds her education in Food and Nutrition from Lady Irwin College which is coupled with her passion to lead an extensive research in this field. She started her experience as a Dietitian in Fortis Hospital, Delhi where she had an opportunity to work in the areas of diet related in variety of ailments hence identifying the diets related to the health conditions.

She has been speaker at various camps, academies, corporate and has counselled over five thousand people on the right nutritional values which has given a birth to the platform of Nutriwellbeing which is the need of this hour as we have been witnessing lifestyle disorders, stress and obesity. Her contribution is not just limited to this only and she has done some commendable work in designing diets for a chain of leading restaurants in hospitality sector for which she has been greatly applauded.

She consults on various Diets and Lifestyle related disorders like Obesity, Thyroid, Diabetes, Cholesterol Management, PCOS and many more.

By using the platform of Nutri Wellbeing, she is equipping to change the Life Style than limiting to the goal of weight loss.  

She is here to address all rampant health issues arriving out of sedentary lifestyle practices, where we forget the importance of eating right and value of nutrition in meals. Enabling a person to grow wholesome and bringing out a complete transformation is the objective for sustainable health.

Our modern android world is going through a transition where everything is calculated and scientifically assessed before its accepted, hence as a nutritionist along with providing personalized diets, she makes it a point to make the community knowledgeable with her best of ability. Breaking myths and enabling everyone on good habits with scientific supports has been her and Nutri Wellbeingʼs prime purpose.

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