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Nutri Wellbeing by Alka | Best Dietician in Delhi

Nutri Wellbeing by Alka is one of the best Dietician in North West Delhi especially in the area of Model Town, Derawal Nagar, Shalimar Bagh, Civil Lines, Adarsh Nagar and surrounding areas. Dietician Alka Gangwani has over a decade experience with food, she has done her hospital based internship cum training at the Fortis H

ospital where she met her patients smiles with her thoughful diets that supported their respecitve treatments.

Nutri Wellbeing by Alka office is based in Derawal Nagar, Delhi very close to Model Town Metro Station on the main road itself.

Services offered by Nutri Wellbeing by Alka | Best Dietician in North Delhi area of Derawal Nahar, Model Town, Shalimar Bagh, Civil Lines

- Weight Loss : Weight loss diet is one of the most common diet services and at the same time one of the most exploited areas. You must have heard from a lot of people that when they discontinued their diets they gained lost weight again and even more so. At Nutri Wellbeing we offer No Starving weight loss diets to help you loose that weight which sticks even if you discontinue dieting and maintain healthy eating habits. A lot people appreciate and tell us that we are the best dietician when it comes to weight loss diets because of our no

- Therapeutic Diets : The growing trend in today's scenario is of therapeutic diets especially pre wedding diets, pregnancy diets and many more. Nutrition can solve a lot of problems of yours when it comes to achieving both physical and physiological goals. Going lean in your wedding is every girls dream and staying healthy in your pregnancy is very important for a healthy offspring.

We assure you to commit to deliver the best services, just call or whatsapp us 9958635832.

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