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Mental Healthy is as Important as Physical Health!

# Positivity improves mental Health

The cells in your body react to everything that your body says. How you think about yourself can have a powerful effect on how you feel. Positive thoughts are healing for the body and negative thoughts releases stress hormones. Practice words that promote feeling of self worth and personal power.

# We must learn to practice Gratitude

A grateful heart is a happy heart. We must count our blessings and finds things to be grateful for and let our heart fill in that. Gratitude improves mental health, well being and happiness.

# Accept and let go of the Past

We must let go of negative emotions from the past that weighs us down. We must practice mindfulness - be more focused on what we are doing at present, rather than letting mind wander and get distracted.

# We must learn to reduce and manage Stress

When we are stressed our body releases stress hormone cortisol, it can lead to various health problems like anxiety, depression, headaches, troubled sleep, memory concentration problems and weight gain. Practicing yoga, pranayama, positive affirmations can keep your body relaxed and calm.

# Good Diet and Exercise

What you eat nourishes your whole body including the brain. Having balanced diet rich in whole foods, grain and fruits and green leafy vegetables, good fats, nuts and seeds helps combat stress. Incorporate food rich in calcium and magnesium like banana and milk as they help in relaxing muscles, relieves headaches and helps you sleep better. Avoid packed, processed foods, alcohol and caffeine as they worsen anxiety.

Exercise or any sort of physical activity releases good hormones which uplifts the mood. Do the activity you enjoy dancing, swimming, yoga, walking, gardening.

# Spend time in Nature

Get your sunshine, learn to take deep breaths that too mindfully as it oxygenates your body correctly and directly impacts your nervous system.

# Go to bed on Time

Research shows that sleep deprivation has negative impact on your mood as it's not just the hours you sleep but also about quality sleep, when you sleep deep your body releases hormones that accelerates healing, regenerates and replenishes energy.

# Be helpful and Kind

Being helpful and kind and valued for what you do is a great way to build self esteem.

# Connect with People

Being social and connecting helps, someone whom you can share your feelings, release your emotions, thoughts makes you feel free.

# Laugh a Lot

Laughing helps in release of endorphins which are natural painkillers. Endorphins are happy hormones that create positive state of mind and create optimism, feeling of self worth and confidence. Laughter is an excellent way of emotional release.

Good health is not just a healthy physical body free from diseases. It is balance between the mind, body and soul for good health. Together these three physical, mental and spiritual, combine as whole make who we are. - Dt. Alka Gangwani

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