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How to find best cooking oils for healthy heart?

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

Every heart patient in India and for a matter of fact any where in this world is looks for the best cooking oils for healthy heart. The question gets even more complex because of various brands advertising various aspects their products which is more than often half the picture. The do that for the sake of selling their products and a consumer has to get smart in order to choose what's best for them. In this article we will try and address this issue and equip you with wholesome knowledge and information related to best cooking oils for keeping your heart healthy.

In order to understand the same, we need to understand what fats/ oils are. Fats contribute to texture, flavor and taste of food. They are the major storage form of energy in body. Good fats or oils are important for healthy brain and heart functioning along with maintaining hormonal balance. They promote absorption of fat soluble vitamins like A, D, E and K. It's recommended that 15-20% of total calories should come from fats and oils.

Oils are healthy but in their pure form only. Consumption of oil and ghee is often linked with cholesterol and heart diseases. Cholesterol is synthesized in the body, without it body cannot produce hormones and vitamins like vitamin D. Cholesterol is harmless until it gets oxidized. Lack of antioxidants and presence of free radicals oxidizes cholesterol and it starts getting accumulated in blood vessels causing inflammation which is the route cause of major heart diseases.

The best choice for a healthy heart is to incorporate following :-

- Clean Fats and least processed Oils.

- Go for Organic

- Cold Pressed / Extra Virgin Olive Oil

- Cold Pressed Flax Oil (Never Heated)

- Coconut Oil (Can withstand Heat)

- Ghee (For High Heat Cooking)

- Raw Nuts and Seeds

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