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Healthy Festive Eating a.k.a #FitnesswaliDiwali

Tip1 : Start your day with exercise, if you have no time for workout, go for a brisk walk for 30 minutes.

Tip2 : Keep yourself hydrated, water intake of atleast 2-3 litres along with green tea, lemon water and coconut water is a must.

Tip3 : Don't step out empty stomach. Before going to a party, have a light meal like a bowl of fruits, soup or sprout salad.

Tip4 : Control your Portions and opt for healthy snacking. Go for baked, roasted food instead of fried.

Tip5 : Check your drinks, control over alchohol consumption. Avoid aerated/ carbonated drinks.

Tip6 : Remind yourself of mindful eating, pleasure of fats and sweets in temporary whereas good health lasts forever.

Tip7 : Use natural sweeteners like dates, fig, jaggery over refined sugar for home made sweets.

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