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Full Detail About Navratri Diet

Chaitra Navratri is a nine day festival that signifies victory of good over evil. This year Chaitra Navratri is starting from March 25, 2020 and ends on April 2, 2020. Chaitra is the first month of Hindu calender and because of this it is called Chaitra Navratri.

From observing fast and worshipping nine forms of the goddess, hindus around the world celebrate thiss festival. Most people during this time choose to have light sattvik food. Eating light at this point of time is good for digestive system and boosts immunity too.

Navratri Diet Plan

Early Morning: Warm water with lemon and honey.

Breakfast: Milk + Fruits/ Smoothie

Mid-Morning: Green Tea + Roasted Makhanas

Lunch: 1 katori Pumpkin/ Aloo ki sabzi with sago pulao/ 2 kuttu/ amaranth flour rotis + 1 plate salad, 1 katori curd/ cucumber raita

Evening: Tea + Soaked Nuts [5-7 Almonds, 1-2 Walnuts] + 1 seasonal fruit

Dinner: 1 Large boiled aloo chaat + 1 Katori veg raita or 1 katori sago kheer/ samak rice kheer/ amaranth kheer.

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