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Diet Tips for Karva Chauth

Before Sunrise (Sargi)

- One glass luke warm water, 5-7 soaked almonds and slice of coconut

- Stuffed roti / roti with vegetable and small piece of matri

- Home made sweet like vermicelli kheer / amaranth kheer [Recipe Here]

After Pooja

- Have rose flavored milk

- Avoid Tea / Coffee

Opening the fast

- Have water / coconut water as shagun

- Have small portion of dark choclate

- Have home made food as per rituals like dal rice, roti sabzi and one choice of home made desert. But avoid fried food as it will cause acidity and discomfort.

Wish you all a very Happy Karwa Chauth. Enjoy your day, pamper yourself. Spend your day with friends and family.

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