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Webinar for Medhaam School Parents : Rainbow Diet for Kids

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

Join Us to seek answers to all your queries regarding " Nutritional needs to boost immunity amongst kids ". An interesting webinar by Dt Alka Gangwani, Founder of Nutri Wellbeing, B.Sc., DDPH

As she shares nutritional insight to Boost Immunity with Rainbow Diets for kids, good fats, proteins, strong gut, importance of hydration, reasons and solutions to childhood obesity and important tips for parents, lots of surprises and much more.

This Monsoon Let’s come together to grab a rainbow and eat it too.

Block your calendar for:

Saturday 29th August 2020

5.00 pm

Link for Facebook Live:


1.Synopsis of Webinar [PDF]

Rainbow Diet for Kids
Download • 4.25MB

2. Healthy Diet Chart for Kids

Healthy Diet Chart for Kids
Download PDF • 328KB

Note: This is a general diet chart, different kids have different nutritional needs, if you wish to get a personalized Diet Chart for your kid you may Call/ WhatsApp me on +91 9810723583

3. Special Recipes for Kids

Special Recipes for Kids
Download PDF • 1.13MB

PS: You may take a print out of these and paste them on your refrigerator or any where in the kitchen.

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