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Shivratri Fast, Vrat Food and date for 2020

Maha Shivratri is on 21 February, 2020. It's a festival dedicated to Lord Shiva celebrated by Hindus where they keep Vrat or Fast as you know in english and open by the vrat by eating vrat food only. The festival falls in the month of PHALGUNA as per hindi calender.

It's the perfect time to keep fast or vrat for a day. Fasting detoxifies the body and purifies the mind. It helps you to get spritual wellness and inner peace.

Science of fasting is preserved in the vedas and it's a wonderful way of purification to aid your overall wellbeing which indeed is the motto of Nutri Wellbeing also.

Shivratri fast is a significant fast, many devotees keep Nirjala Vrat too where the y don't drink water till the evening when the open their vrat as a sign of their devotion towards Lord Shiva. However, it's not suited to everyone, so some devotees stick to fruits and milk and some prefer to have light Sattvik food.

MahaShivratri Food for Detox

Early Morning : Detox Water with lemon and honey or you can have Green Tea/ Tea with soaked nuts.

Breakfast : 1-2 glass of pineapple smoothie/ fruit smoothie or milk with fruits.

Mid-Morning : Coconut water/ Butter Milk/ Lemon Water/ Green Tea, seasonal fruit like jujube, guava etc.

Lunch : Yogurt with fruit like anar, pineapple, apple or pear.

Evening : Green Tea/ Tea with 1 Banana.

Dinner : Sago/ Samak Rice Kheer or 1 Large boiled aloo or sweet potato chaat and cucumber raita (add rock salt) or Vrat staple kuttu roti and aloo sabzi.

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