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How to boost your Immunity especially in severe pollution?

Air Quality Index (AQI) in Delhi is crossing 500 in most locations whereas only 50 is termed as breathable. Our nutritionist Dt. Alka Gangwani has put down some immunity boosting tips to cope up with this dreadful situation the entire Delhi is facing.

The tips are written with Delhi pollution in mind but will work well in any similar situation or in general to boost your immunity as well.

Tip 1:Start your day with Detox Water / Tulsi Water. It has strong medicinal and healing properties. It's anti-microbial also.

Tip 2:Have vegetable and fruit juices like beetroot, carrot, amla, apple or pomegranate. Amla can be taken in any form as it contains Vitamin C which boosts immunity. Oranges, lemons, papaya are loaded with Vitamin C, body doesn't store Vitamin C hence daily dose it very necessary to fight infections.

Tip 3:Honey in anti-viral and anti microbial. It prevents cough and cold. Club it with ginger, turmeric or any other way take it.

Tip 4:Turmeric or locally haldi is another very important medicinal herb, its has one of the strong anti-oxidant in it called curcumin, prevents cancer and heart diseases too.

Tip 5:Include nuts and seeds in your snacking, as these super foods have a lot of essential nutrients that boosts one's immunity.

Tip 6:Green Leafy Vegetables, spinach, broccoli, cabbage are loaded with anti-oxidants. Include them in your soups and salads. Add vegetables like bell-peppers and mushrooms too.

Tip 7:Curd and yogurt are probiotics which contain good bacteria that stimulates immune system to fight diseases.

Tip 8:Green Tea and black tea is packed with polyphenols, flavoniods and anit-oxidants that destroy free radicals and dead cells. Having a cup or two without milk boosts immunity.

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