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Happy Gandhi Jayanti - Discussion on health benefits of Iodized Salt

The journey of Indian Freedom is full of inspiring and significant freedom movements. Mahatma Gandhi guided the country towards independence. Dandi March is one of the most historic movements led by Bapu. The salt march was to protest was to protest against the high tax imposed by British.

Today, on the occassion of Gandhi Jayanti we are discussing the Health Benefits of Iodized Salt. It's a special salt which is fortified with crucial mineral Iodine. Iodine deficiency is one of the major problem around the world.

Although Sodium and Iodine are found in most fruits and vegetables, but the amount found might not be enough as per required amount.


Most common symptom of Iodine deficiency is swelling in nect - Goitre. Thyroid gland uses iodinie to produce thyroid hormones. However, when your body doesn't have enough iodine the thyroid gland enlarges resulting in Goitre.

A decrease in thyroid hormone (HYPOTHYROIDISM) can cause hair loss, fatigue, weight gain, dry skin and sensitivity to cold. Low levels in pregnant women can cause brain damage and severely adverse effect in mental development of children. It can also cause miscarriage and still birth.

Hormones produced by thyroid glands regulate the development, growth and metabolism of the body. It plays an important role in weight control. If your body has high iodine, you might not be able to gain healthy weight and if its low you might not be able to loose some.

Iodized salt plays important role in heart health. It helps to generate the hormones which regulates blood pressure and heart rate. RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowance) for iodized salt per day is 5 grams i.e. 1 tsp.

Dietary Sources of Iodine are :-

- Sea food

- Dairy products

- Grains

- Eggs


Salt is an important ingredient of our diet, adds flavour to food. But too much can cause health problems like : -

- Blood Pressure

- Obesity

- Inflammation

Consumption of Iodine more than 1 tsp can be fatal - especially for the people suffering from kidney disorders.

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