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Chilhood Obesity

- Weight loss diets are not a good option as they are growing and developing.

- Restrictive diets / elimination diets may not supply the energy and nutrients needed for normal growth and development. A child who eats poorly is irritable, lacks energy, is sick and losses interest easily.

Pillar of this Health Programme

1. Promote Healthy Eating.

2. Promote Physical Activity - Get 60 minutes of physical activity per day.

3. Limit Screen Time (to 30 - 60 mins a day) - With all new gadgets available, it's easy to sit for long time.

4. Encourage Outdoor Play - Encourage them to be active everyday.

5. Discourage Eating Meals while watching TV - It leads to overeating as it is difficult to pay attention to feeling of fullness.

6. Make their favorite dish healthier.

7. Drink More Water (Hydrate) - Drink throughout the day.

8. Do not give unnecessary sugar to drink or in foods.

9. Teach kids about serving size.

Portion Size

- Chips : Smallest serving size

- Limit calories from fats and sweets.

- Avoid Sugary drinks, home snacking on chips and candies.

- Eating at Restraunt / Fast Food - Once A Week

- Dinner : 1-2 Roti with 1 katori dal/ paneer/ chicken/ fish + 1/2 katori veg.

Serving Size

- Milk : 200 ml

- Curd : 1 katori

- Dal/ Paneer/ Chicken/ Soya : 1 Katori

- Roti : 2 in number

- Rice : 1-2 katori

- Breads (Breakfast/ Snacks) : 2 in number

*Avoid packed soups, pasta and frozen food.

PS :Being a role model for your kid too

- Staying at a healthy weight

- Non Smoking

- Consuming alcohol in moderation

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